1. A comprehensive method in which you work individually tactically, technically, physically, and psychologically.

2. A method that works individually in a comprehensive way, you can work, individually, or in a group, by lines, always looking for efficiency in training, the player who works, does it looking for improvement and performance, which does not, is look for a more specific task. Integrating the Pons Method, in all facets of training, leads to training efficiency, time management, and improvement of task specificity. In analytical exercises, circuits, attack-defense, combined plays, defensive exercises, and a long, long etc …

3. A method that seeks the efficiency of the injured player acting as an intermediate method between the analytical method of rehabilitation and the subsequent entry into training with the team.

4. Starting this method is a long-term job, because you just started with this method, a cascade of virtual and technological Inputs will begin in the way of doing professional Training in a more enjoyable, fun, and efficient way.

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