The “Pons Method” Coaching believes that the game it is played as a whole

The Pons Method is a football coaching training method which David Pons created by analyzing the best clubs, academies in the world and after his experiences around the world, the coach were thing in how can create this kind of method. In the end, when he finish his study, David find the most complete and never invented method in Football. 

1. Under this method, the players progress in all the areas of the training, from basics in tactically, technically, Physically, and Psycological at the same time. Is extraordinary. The efficiency in the training has arrive. Don, t loose more time, Not more players boring. With this method you will find the way to profit the time of training. 

2. One of the fundamentals of this Pons Method, is the key to the improvement of the enjury player. This Pons Method is the new intermediate method between the analytical method and the introduction of the player in group training with teammates. In football there had always been a lack of that method in which the player felt more confident before starting the group , safer to be recovered, because the entry with the ball is already with high intensity, this method helps to smooth that process and control step by step, the technical body the player’s entry into the real game. 

3The PonsMethod® Coaching concentrates on the improvement of all the training skills, individual, small team group play, with all the team, for all kind of excercises, this method will help you to have more efficiency in the training. The PonsMethod® Coaching believes that the game is a everything made up of a series of movements and plays involving all the positions in different parts of the field. 

4. This method need the sinergies of different deparments to control propertly all the little details:  Coaches, Physical coach, Scouting, Medical department, etc.. 

BASIC: In the individual training the player can train during the training, extra time, days offs, etc..the player understain he is learning and improving not only in one area, in all the areas, with this method, is more funny that make simple analitycal exercises. Because this method…. Breathe Football !!!

Pons Method® Coaching focuses in All the areas of the training. The PonsMethod® Will be take it for other sports, and bring it to the must advanced technology in the future.  

The revolution is hereHere are some little examples to get you started with the PONSMETHOD!

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