The Pons Method improvements : Training with efficiency & productivity

The Pons Method is more than a method, it is a work tool for any coach anywhere in the world, which allows
greater efficiency and productivity when training. Achieving a significant improvement in training, acting in a more
specific way in individual training, with groups and also in training with the whole team, and all this should be
reflected in the competition.
The essence of the Pons Method is to work each training as a whole, extracting a large part of its essence from the
competition, thus creating a battery of exercises, (database) that will have repercussions every time
in improving our game model as well as acting as an ideal method to work to counter the opposing team and in turn
make a database of exercises on how to counter the opposite. Acting as a whole, this method is the closest thing to
competition. As an analytical method, it acts as an improvement tool that will provide our teams with greater clarity
to explain our game model, greater competitiveness, all of which leads to an exponential improvement in daily work.
Working in training with panels, which replace players That they are doing a somewhat superfluous job, and
being able to send these players to a function totally close and specific to their position or positions on the field,
makes the improvement, only by repetition of said actions, significant.
Other advantages of the Pons Method:

  • Under this method, players progress in all areas of training, from the most basic to the most complex
    situations, treating each exercise as a whole.
  • With this method it is possible to optimize the weekly training time in a more productive way. Because block
    training comes into play much more, when training specifically with players without having to use other players,
    since we replace them with panels and members of our staff. Therefore, a weekly improvement planning can be
    made to improve the different positions of our game model.
  • The training being similar to the competition, the player likes it, it motivates him, he values his improvement,
    improves his confidence to do it in the competition.
  • It is achieved with this method to invest time in the emotional component of the player in a more specific way.
  • It is the ideal method to recreate in the small details that are often the difference in the world of sports.
  • Improves the rehabilitation of the footballer by acting as an intermediate method between after the recovery of the
    footballer and the subsequent putting the player in shape by the physical trainer, and the entry with the group, this
    method acts in between, giving the player greater confidence , guarantees, specificity, that is, he may have made all the
    specific movements of his position, without opposition, or with passive opposition, before entering the team immediately
  • Improves the training of players not summoned with the team on the day of competition or the day after, since it
    acts in a more specific way with each one of them. The player feels more confident, more committed, because he
    sees that they are worrying about his specific improvement to take him back to a call.
  • It improves the understanding of the coach’s game model, so that when a coach arrives in the middle of the season,
    or stops the competition in the middle of a global pandemic, the game model can be explained more quickly, since
    there is an understanding individual and collective. In the same way, when a player arrives once the season has
    started, it will also act as an explanation of what each player requires in a specific position.
  • Improve team game patterns by extracting combined plays or creative play forms from the game model
  • This method improves the synergies between departments since they control much better the putting into competition of
    the athlete, the coaches, physical trainer, scouting, department
    medical, etc … act as a whole, with better specificity, communication and analysis.
  • Facilitates the tactical understanding of the game
  • It improves individual technique and tactics, by allowing individual and semi-active training sessions to be carried out through
    panels, very similar to competition.
  • The method must be carried out for its correct compression in a progressive way, from the exercise from its most
    basic to the most complex form, until taking it to training with all the equipment and then to competition, and later
    that it has success to remember it, assimilate it, by the player and that it is already part of our database so that it
    becomes part of our model.

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