The Pons Method act like a tool to improve time management

We talk about time, the great thinkers of all time are faithful believers in the importance of time.

Coaches have time in our weekly planning, we know that it is limited and there are more and more competitions and fewer training sessions, so time is not to be wasted, it is to be spent managing it in the most professional way possible, always looking at the evolution. of the footballer and the team at the same time.

The respect and focus that we can give our time will be directly proportional to the success or failure we have in our seasons.

That said, I have shared the Pons Method for a year now, it is a new innovative training program that provides innumerable improvements to the football training,

The truth is that the method is seen in several countries and different leagues more and more. But the Pons Method is not to use panels using them as a simple tool where you can hit the ball and that’s it, to realize the Pons Method is necessary use the panels with an important tactical rigor, both in individual and collective training.

This method improves time management, rehabilitation of the soccer player, improves individual training in a way never seen before, and also achieves a clear transfer to the competition, and above all with more than twenty improvements in comprehensive training, it acts providing effectiveness and productivity. to training in all its aspects.

Do we have the best tools to fill the deficiencies that exist today in soccer, which we will agree that we have been losing, first due to the lack of street soccer, and secondly due to the clear lack of tactical-analytical training according to the Times we live in that have caused a clear loss of technical exquisiteness on the part of the players and the rare work of individual tactics that is carried out precisely because of not having time and not having the appropriate tools, always prioritizing the work of the physical trainer by on top of everything?

Do we have tools to improve time management?

The best player in history says, “In Football as in watchmaking, talent and elegance mean nothing wihtout rigour and precision”.

The Pons Method


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