The Pons Method improvements : Training with efficiency & productivity

The Pons Method is more than a method, it is a work tool for any coach anywhere in the world, which allowsgreater efficiency and productivity when training. Achieving a significant improvement in training, acting in a morespecific way in individual training, with groups and also in training with the whole team, and all this should bereflected in the competition.The essence…

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1. A comprehensive method in which you work individually tactically, technically, physically, and psychologically. 2. A method that works individually in a comprehensive way, you can work, individually, or in a group, by lines, always looking for efficiency in training, the player who works, does it looking for improvement and performance, which does not, is look for a more specific…

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THE “PONS METHOD” INTEGRAL 360 FOOTBALL INDIVIDUAL TRAINING. A new method that will change everything

Creo que el Metodo Pons, es un metodo que satisface una necesidad que hay en el futbol. – Creo que aprovecha al 100 la creatividad del entrenador. – El “Pons Method” es un metodo integral 360 en el cual a un jugador indivivualmente pero dentro de un todo. Trabajas tacticametne, tecnicamente, fisica, y psicologicamente, La eficiencia en el entrenamiento esta…

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