Who we are

Argumentative Presentation: Foundation of the Pons Method for Innovation in Football

The Pons Method Foundation stands as an entity dedicated to promoting innovation and technological and methodological development in the field of football. Our vision is to transform the beautiful game through the application of cutting-edge practices and the implementation of cutting-edge technologies.

In an increasingly digital and technological world, football cannot be left behind. The Foundation proposes itself as a catalyst for change, carrying out research and projects that will revolutionize the way this sport is understood and practiced globally.


  1. Development of Applied Technologies: The foundation seeks to create and apply advanced technologies, such as performance analysis systems, virtual reality, and data analysis, to enhance training and improve player performance.
  2. Innovative Methodologies: We will research and develop training methodologies that maximize efficiency and effectiveness, adapting to the new trends of modern football.
  3. Research Promotion: We will collaborate with academic institutions and sports experts to promote scientific research applied to football, thus contributing to the advancement of knowledge in the sports field.

Social impact:
By achieving our objectives, we will not only be promoting competitiveness in the football field, but we will also contribute to social development, promoting health, teamwork and personal improvement through sport.

Financing Need:
To achieve these ambitious goals, we require the financial support of those who share our vision of an evolved and more competitive football. The investment in the Pons Method Foundation is not only a commitment to sporting success, but also to progress and innovation in society.

The Pons Method Foundation is the driving force behind the revolution in football. Through investment and support, we can achieve goals that will not only benefit the beautiful game, but also leave a legacy of innovation and development in the history of world football. Join us and be part of the future of football!