After more than a year of spreading the Method around the world, now the best teams in the world have seen the efficiency and productivity in using the panels in training, the first phase is done, now phase two comes into play, which is that the coaches and staff of the football teams need the best accurate information to bring the panels and the Method to their maximum performance.

I organize the “Seminar Program on The Pons Method”, a face-to-face program for clubs and federations in different countries of the world, the Seminar lasts 3 days, in which I deal with topics for the understanding and implementation of the Pons Method for the coaches of the clubs and federations in the worldwide through a High Performance Soccer seminar related to the “Pons Method”.

Schedules: Modules:

Mornings: Explanation of the Pons Method, its innovative methodology, its stages, improvements, transfers to competition and its implementation and development.

Afternoons: practice: Implementation, development and specialty of the Pons Method.

3 days of the High Performance Seminar Program on The Pons Method: for the improvement of clubs and, Federations coaches and Staff.

PRICE: € 8000 + Flight ticket and accommodation.

Book : +34 658330960 David Pons. Call to make an appointment.





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