“PONS METHOD” Integral 360° Individual Training

I think the Pons Method is a method that satisfies a need in soccer.

– I think he takes full advantage of the creativity of the coach.

– The “Pons Method” is a comprehensive 360 ​​method in which a player individually but within a whole. You work tactically, technically, physically, and psychologically. Efficiency in training is assured.

– It can be a mixed training method, and can also be introduced into team training.

– I think this tool will be very useful for the rehabilitation of the footballer, for my way of seeing the jump that the player made when he comes out of an injury, and is treated by the Physioterapist, then the physical trainer with analytical exercises, I always the jump has seemed very big, to put it directly in the team, I have always had the impression that a method was missing that would make a connection between the analytical and global method, and I believe that “The Pons Method” will satisfy this need.

My intention with the creation of this “Pons Method” is to do my bit in soccer, and after this pandemic, I think it is coming at the right time.

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