High Performance Course Week for Clubs around the world

In the seasons that I am not training I organize a “Seminar Week Program”, for the training of coaches in different countries of the world, they are one-week masterclasses, in which I deal with very different topics for the improvement of the clubs and coaches through a very complete High Performance Football Course.

Module 1:
Morning: Focus Method

Afternoon:  Training Methology 

Module 2:
Morning:  Club model program

Afternoon:  Implementation and specialty

Module 3:
Morning: Team Model program

Afternoon: Implementation and specialty

Module 4:
Morning practical: Training for life

Afternoon:  Implementation and specialty

Module 5:
Morning: The Pons Method.  Individual Model Program

Afternoon practical : Implementation and specialty.


40 Course during 5 days. theoretical and practical :

The Practical after make the analisys to the club with the great support of the sport director I will suggest issues to work on the practical days to improve areas on the club. 

1 Week of this High Performance Seminar in Soccer, for the improvement of clubs, Academies, Federations, etc.

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