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The Pons Method improvements :
Training with efficiency & produtivity
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My mission is helping clubs, Sport Directors, coaches, staff members, and players to find their best, with good organization and football efficiency, and always looking to leave a fingerprints, our own legacy. i.m a experienced Professional Football Coach, with a demonstrated history of working in the professional training & coaching with great communication and social skills, empathy, great capacity to teamwork, organized and with high ambition to improve and get better every day. A story of its own, without gifts, that comes from going through all the Football categories.

in football all the clubs want to win, but not all al willing to prepare to win.

David Pons

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The Pons Method improvements : Training with efficiency & produtivity

The Pons Method improvements : Training with efficiency & produtivity

The Pons Method is more than a method, it is a work tool for any coach anywhere in the world, which allowsgreater efficiency and productivity when training. Achieving a significant improvement in training, acting in a morespecific way in individual training, with groups and also in training with the whole team, and all this should bereflected in the competition.The essence…

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Due to my work, I am in contact with many people in the sports sector. What differentiates one good project from another is undoubtedly the passion.
David Pons has it, soccer is his passion. He is a specialist in specialization and innovation in training methodology. A winning coach who, at the same time, makes the players enjoy each training session and who takes this sport as a way of life.


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Eva Serra Felix

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